Why do most Men Cheat

This is a big issue among most couples and women who get tired and chose to be single. Why do men cheat? Even a man who isn’t physically cheating seems to find themselves having a hard time mentally, or emotionally cheating. I know from personal experiences. I wonder though if women understood why, or if we were able to put ourselves in these men shoes, would we have the patience to deal with the infidelity. Would we be able to sympathize and act out of compassion towards them, instead of bitterness. So many families are broken and children lacking both parents due to a hatred and bitterness for the ex cheating. Whether it be the man or woman. Why can’t we forgive and move on to where we can co parent successfully. Why is it that we, woman and men hold on to the bitterness of being hurt and allow it to affect our children, as if our children are to blame for the mishaps and our devil ways that cause our partner to leave. Give me your thoughts ladies and gentlemen. Why do we cheat and why do we let it affect our relationship and God given responsibilities so gravely? What can we do to change this behavior and learn to co parent when we bring children into this world and for some reason we don’t make it to the alter or to death do us part?

My Inspiration for This Site

Masirah aka Syrup was a true surprise for me. Her father and I when we first started chose the safe route. We decided to take a chance after getting tested for many personal reasons. We were both adults and honestly, I don’t think either one of us thought it would happen so quick. Especially when I just spent two years trying to have a baby with my ex and it never happened.

Nevertheless, after a short two months I was pregnant. It was the 😷 time of my life. I literally slept with Garbage cans on both sides of my bed; and where ever I went in the 🏠 a garbage can came with me. Even worst was being put on bed rest. I had to put my college degree to the side and my job to the side. Both of which I thoroughly doing. Then the @ home issues began. It was far from the best. Masirah though, she was worth it. She was worth every bit of pain, tear, sickness, sadness, anger, joy that I ever felt while pregnant with her. She is my inspiration for following dreams because in every way she is teaching me to never stray from the life you want to live and always strive no matter how hard it gets.

The Angel who Graced this World

The Pride of us is Syrup

Saw baby girl this past weekend and she was sitting in her chair for about an hour when I came. she was enjoying her kisses and being talked to very much.

I decided I want you guys to know something about Masirah every week.

Anyone who knows me knows I call Masirah my living angel. Why, because at five months exactly I was told I was at a very high risk of losing her. They said we need to sew you up and now and want to prepare you because there are risks and how bad the thinning of your cervix is we cannot say for sure this will work. It is better to try then not to. We had no chance to think and just had to hop on board with the bandwagon. Off I went to get sewed up and put what was consider to be progress of my life on hold for the next four months. My living angel was preparing us for the stress we were going to have having her in this world.

Lets Put Our Differences Aside

The Hardest thing to do is forgive yourself and your ex. Especially when there are children involved. Do we really have to fail our children, our future just because we failed ourselves and each other? Lets Discuss how can we co-parent better and get over our hate, and sadness over the breakup our ex partners.  The thing is if we were more in tune with ourself, the less likely hood of us choosing the wrong partner. Besides that, say we did chose the wrong partner, in both of our haste and carelessness we brought a child or children into this world. It isn’t their fault and I was always taught ‘what is meant to be will be’.

If we were suppose to make it with that person, we would. When you think about that, don’t you ask yourself why are we really mad and so hurt it carries on into our kids life; and makes us as parents in-effective co-parents? Lets discuss what we can do better and what really bothers us as broken parents. How can we heal and therefore raise our children in loving, yet separate homes. Lets discuss how we can make our children feel as they were created; out of love, and regardless of who their parents are with or not they both love them and will always come together to be there and cheer them on.

Be Not Afraid of Yourself

You can never be the best version of yourself if you are always in denial about yourself. This topic is to discuss loving yourself, be real and able to face the mirror. Learning to better what you can and accepting what you cannot change. How are you suppose to be able to love someone else if you are unable to love yourself. It all starts with you.

Lets Thrive and Survive

I always tell about to be parents or couples thinking of having baby, to be sure they are ready; “A baby will make you or break you”. Unfortunately having kids seem to tear apart what had once seem a solid foundation more than solidifying it even greater. Here we can discuss our hardships and what causes these breakups. We can take a hard look at where we went wrong and what we could have done better to ensure our family stuck like glue instead of falling apart like humpty dumpty.  We can talk about how we can be better at partnerships. in the process we may learn how to better co-parent and give other couples a real fighting chance. This way minimizing the percentage of broken homes greatly, making the future a little brighter for our children.

My Child Needs Extra Love

Sometimes our bundles of joy aren’t born the way we expect them to be born; or somewhere down the road they develop needs we didn’t expect them to. Here we can talk to each other about those special needs our kids were born with or ended up developing; and be of support and offer advice to one another on how we can find the time to give our babies the extra love they need.