This is a big issue among most couples and women who get tired and chose to be single. Why do men cheat? Even a man who isn’t physically cheating seems to find themselves having a hard time mentally, or emotionally cheating. I know from personal experiences. I wonder[…]

Masirah aka Syrup was a true surprise for me. Her father and I when we first started chose the safe route. We decided to take a chance after getting tested for many personal reasons. We were both adults and honestly, I don’t think either one of us thought[…]

The Hardest thing to do is forgive yourself and your ex. Especially when there are children involved. Do we really have to fail our children, our future just because we failed ourselves and each other? Lets Discuss how can we co-parent better and get over our hate, and[…]

You can never be the best version of yourself if you are always in denial about yourself. This topic is to discuss loving yourself, be real and able to face the mirror. Learning to better what you can and accepting what you cannot change. How are you suppose[…]

I always tell about to be parents or couples thinking of having baby, to be sure they are ready; “A baby will make you or break you”. Unfortunately having kids seem to tear apart what had once seem a solid foundation more than solidifying it even greater. Here[…]

The worst thing that can happen to a child is to be raised in a broken home. I want us to be able to talk and offer advice to one another and parents how we can better co-parent to ensure our children, our future don’t suffer from our[…]

Sometimes our bundles of joy aren’t born the way we expect them to be born; or somewhere down the road they develop needs we didn’t expect them to. Here we can talk to each other about those special needs our kids were born with or ended up developing;[…]