Why do most Men Cheat

This is a big issue among most couples and women who get tired and chose to be single. Why do men cheat? Even a man who isn’t physically cheating seems to find themselves having a hard time mentally, or emotionally cheating. I know from personal experiences. I wonder though if women understood why, or if we were able to put ourselves in these men shoes, would we have the patience to deal with the infidelity. Would we be able to sympathize and act out of compassion towards them, instead of bitterness. So many families are broken and children lacking both parents due to a hatred and bitterness for the ex cheating. Whether it be the man or woman. Why can’t we forgive and move on to where we can co parent successfully. Why is it that we, woman and men hold on to the bitterness of being hurt and allow it to affect our children, as if our children are to blame for the mishaps and our devil ways that cause our partner to leave. Give me your thoughts ladies and gentlemen. Why do we cheat and why do we let it affect our relationship and God given responsibilities so gravely? What can we do to change this behavior and learn to co parent when we bring children into this world and for some reason we don’t make it to the alter or to death do us part?

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