Lets Put Our Differences Aside

The Hardest thing to do is forgive yourself and your ex. Especially when there are children involved. Do we really have to fail our children, our future just because we failed ourselves and each other? Lets Discuss how can we co-parent better and get over our hate, and sadness over the breakup our ex partners.  The thing is if we were more in tune with ourself, the less likely hood of us choosing the wrong partner. Besides that, say we did chose the wrong partner, in both of our haste and carelessness we brought a child or children into this world. It isn’t their fault and I was always taught ‘what is meant to be will be’.

If we were suppose to make it with that person, we would. When you think about that, don’t you ask yourself why are we really mad and so hurt it carries on into our kids life; and makes us as parents in-effective co-parents? Lets discuss what we can do better and what really bothers us as broken parents. How can we heal and therefore raise our children in loving, yet separate homes. Lets discuss how we can make our children feel as they were created; out of love, and regardless of who their parents are with or not they both love them and will always come together to be there and cheer them on.

2 thoughts on “Lets Put Our Differences Aside”

  1. I am wondering what are some reason you are unable to forgive the other parent. Why is co-parenting so hard. Why is it that parents who agree to split cannot agree on how to raise their child together.

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